Dejobaan’s 9.5s PAX Prime Teaser Trailer

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Various rejected (and accepted) VO lines for me and Rohit:


  • A techno opera where a half-Japanese woman sings about digitizing the entire world.

  • Azumi Pentak flies through the world, digitizing and singing about technology.

  • A blind, half-Japanese skydiver digitizes the world in a techno opera.

  • An opera about a half-Japanese skydiving futurist.

  • Abba? A blind skydiver digitizes the world with your MP3s…The neighborhood cries.

  • A blind skydiver digitizes the world with Justin Bieber… You are to blame.

  • A blind skydiver sings about the Technological Singularity.


  • DRP is a First Person Bullet Hell Shooter where alcohol and sentience are to blame and only you can save Boston

  • DRP is a First Person Bullet Hell Shooter where human sadness can only end if every human is dead

  • First-person bullet hell with your robot bartender.

  • Robots try to end human suffering by ending humans.

  • Oops! You programmed your robot bartender with sentience.


  • Best-selling children's horror story comes to iOS.

  • Delicious human children: coming to iOS.

  • Devour human children on your iPhone.

  • Gain respect by eating human children.

  • Monsters like children soup: coming to iOS

  • Side-dishes with Childrens toes, now on iOS!

  • Gain monsterly respect by eating human children soup.

  • Grow up as a monster and eat human children.

  • Monsters: Human kids for friends or lunch?

  • Human kids for friends or lunch?

So, yeah.

Dejobaan Character Comes in 79 Shades and 47 Hues

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There comes a time in every game when we shift our focus from solely creating fun gameplay to adding delicious character. At Dejobaan, this shiny flashy stuff is as core to the game as the gameplay itself. The Dejobaan Character comes in many forms: visual flair, narrative, voiceover, skits, and so forth. Past examples including debristling a pig, Nebin, and flipping off protesters. This week, I wanted to highlight some of elements of character building in the form of paintovers, narrative and storyline. 



Jon has been working on paintovers of existing levels in an effort to evolve the visual style. In Jon's words, "We're trying to add more elements into levels that give the world a little more of a populated, lived-in feel, as well as injecting more funny goodies, Dejo-style."

Paintover 1:

There are decals that litter the world: restroom directions, exit signs (that lead nowhere), and warning/hazard decals at large dropoffs. Trees and bushes are containted in Futurama-style canisters with descriptive plaques ("Tree").There might also be lines of drones that buzz around, maintaining the facilities. Take a look at the "before" and "after" images.

 paintover 1a paintover 1b

Paintover 2:

A city should appear bustling before a Titan spawns, at which point everyone evacuates. Further, we'll want to populate the city with street furniture: generators and antennas on the rooftops, vegetation, balconies, low orbit satellites, and billboards which advertize for video games.

paintover 2a paintover 2b

Paintover 3:

This is a simple exploration using simple graphic design elements. Platforms are numbered, and there are large hazard decals underneath all the level geometry: "DO NOT FALLLLLLL." The "Keeper" bots might also whiz around along the transport tubes to add to the feeling of life in the city . 

paintover 3a paintover 3b

Narrative and Voiceover:

Ichiro and Dan have been drafting backstory, character profiles, and dialog. The idea here is to build a picture of life during this time period and set the scene for the characters in the game. Think technology is advanced today? Your grandma wouldn't know what to do with her built in smart-vision system, and chances are neither would you! Here are a few examples:

A voicemail from Tim the Robot to Reuben:

Obviously voicemail is still around and will never go away! In fact, robots with sentience now add 70% to daily voicemail volume (DVV).

Tim: Hello, Reuben. It's me, Tim! Maybe you could be a sport and stop shooting up my robots? KTHXBAI.

The dialog bits for "Finnegan Arena":

The idea with these is to tell the player about the game's first Titan and give them tips for fighting it. We do this as a dialog between Reuben (check out this blog post for a refresher on him) and his flight suit:

Level start dialog

Reuben: Looks straightforward enough.

Suit: So straightforward!

Titan appears dialog

Suit: Looks like the Titan's inner pieces are reinforced by the outer pieces.

Reuben: I'll shoot the extremities first.

Suit: Indeed, Reuben! You are quite astute.

Level end dialog

Suit: You're alive! Celebrate your life while it persists! Embrace your limited lifespan!

Reuben: You're not a very good philosopher.

Suit: But you programmed me, Reuben.

Reuben: I'm not a very good programmer.

The dialog bits for the "Orbital Titan Cannon" level:

Level start dialog

Suit: Good news, Reuben! We can borrow the chromatic laser array here to deal with Titans more efficiently.

Reuben: And the bad news?

Suit: Control is limited, so you'll need to be under each Titan when you trigger the array. Or on top of it.

Reuben: "Each" Titan? How many…

Suit: Quite a few, Reuben! Quite a few!

Titan appears dialog

Reuben: So you're saying I can kill this thing with a rainbow.

Suit: Technically it is not a "rainbow" but an unnecessarily high-powered art project-

Reuben: Art project? Who built this thing?

Suit: A high school class, Reuben. They won first prize!

Level end dialog

Reuben: I need a drink.

Suit: Well, Reuben, you know a few wholesalers and distributers if you want to do that! In fact I would go so far as suggest that-

Reuben: Are you setting up a joke?

Suit: Yes, Reuben!

Reuben: (resigned and curt) Well, go ahead.

Suit: -suggest that you can dr- (squelched and cut off as Reuben turns off speaker)

Ultimately, all the levels will have dialog elements. We plan to create dozens of them, so Ichiro and Dan are busy putting themselves in Reuben's, Tim's, and Suit's shoes. It's hard to reach into the future to get all of their shoe sizes, but we do it to bring you joy, and you can't put a price tag on that.

Do you have a favorite piece of "Dejobaan Character"? Tell us about it!

Sexy New Arts, Titans, and Concept Sketches

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Who is Reuben Matsumoto?

Reuben owns a bar in Boston Sky, and it's his robot bartender, Tim, who's responsible for ALL the havoc in Drunken Robot Pornography. But the blame ultimately lies with Reuben, who gave Tim sentience, thereby weighting him down with all the world's unhappiness and dischord. After all, people who can't or won't visit therapists often complain to their bartenders. So, Tim decided to end the sadness by killing everyone. Damn sentience isn't necessarily sensible!

Jon, our lead illustrator, has envisioned Reuben and Tim (below). We're especially fans of Bermuda shorts, which is actually the look we're going for, because screw heroes who take themselves too seriously. In case you were wondering, Reuben's half-Japanese, half-various-European. Tim is at least 3/47ths Japanese.

tim evolution  reuben and tim  reuben and tim color

How can a Titan be a dwarf?

Ryan has been busy building "Dwarf Titans." They're smaller than regular Titans, but are still big enough to squash you without noticing. Check 'em out:

Dwarf Titan5 Dwarf Titan
8ykhK Dwarf Titan2
Dwarf Titan9 Dwarf Titan11
Dwarf Titan6 Dwarf Titan7
Dwarf Titan3 Dwarf Titan10
Dwarf Titan4 Dwarf Titan1

How do you sexify an ugly baby?

Trick question. No baby is truly ugly — just ask its mother.

At Dejobaan, we rely on Jon for sexification. Here is some of his latest work on Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby. Tell us what you think of his new logo work…

 azumi 3

…and how about these fancy new graphical elements? Most of them are going into making the game's architecture fuller:

new building designs

Jon's also experimenting with UI for the level select:

UB UI test 1-01 UB UI test 1-02 UB UI test 1-03 UB UI test 1-04

And, finally, some experiments with color:

UB visualizer 1 UB visualizer 2

Got feedback for Jon or Ryan? Let us know on Facebook or in the DRP or UB Steam forums.

Itty Bitty Titans, Ugly Baby UI, and Heroes

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This week, the Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) team worked on the upcoming build. Amy, Dan, Elliot, Ichiro, Jon, and Ryan all contributed some new content, and the polish is still drying. While that happens, lets look at some sexy new stuff from DRP and some new concept UI stuff from Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby (UB):


Ryan created these two Titans as "minibosses," the idea behind which is that they're smaller robots that may show up as multiple instances in a level:


MiniTitan02 MiniTitan01

DRP Skeletons

We've talked about level skeletons before; they are a basic level that then gets fleshed out over the course of multiple iterations, typically by 2 or more level designers. Her are two that Ryan just completed:
Spires_screen Hydro_screen


You have heard me talk about Azumi Pentak, the protagonist in Ugly Baby. Now, lets take a look at Reuben Matsumoto and Tim the robot bartender–the protagonist and antagonist (respectively) in Drunken Robot Pornography. Jonathan's still fleshing them out, but here are a handful of early sketches:
reuben and tim

Ugly Baby UI

Moving on to Ugly Baby, Team UB has been spending time dreaming up a UI that will be appropriately futuristic to match the period that the game is set in. This is a mock-up of the level select screen. What do you think?
ub ui 3 ub ui 2 ub ui 1
Okay, the images of Optimus Prime (et al) are just placeholders for now.

Until Next Week

That's all for now! We hope you've enjoyed the post. As an aded bonus, here's a video of a prototype for Rice Cake Parade that never quite made it into production:

Alcohol Infused Robots

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This week in Alcohol-Infused Gratuitous Mechanical Non-Reporductive Intercourse for Entertainment, we get ever so close to a new build with even more levels from the team. Dan, Ichiro, and Ryan have been iterating on a bunch of new levels and Titans, which should result in a build next week. Take a look at these sexy screenshots. Whadya think? If you missed last week's blog post, check that out to see some of the work that led up to this.

Flower_screenshot Octavio_screenshot Quicksand_screenshot Safehouse_screenshot

Make your own damn levels!

Yeah, what she said! Learn how to make you own arenas in this video featuring "Protips and advanced arena/level design" from Ryan. The video was recorded during our weekly twitch show. You can catch us at 2pm EST every Tuesday. 🙂

Today's show is brought to you…

…by the letters D, R, and P, and the numbers 6 and 8. Dan has been busy churning out arena descriptions and crafting voiceover scripts for Ichiro to record. Here are some of my favorites. No pictures here, just pure verbal joy…


More pipes than Down Below, fewer people. Down Town is a drainage area. Grates line the walls, spewing things out and allowing those things to escape. Most of those things are liquids, or semisolids suspended in liquids. There's a ceiling high overhead and the arena as a whole is narrow, so when a string of drones emerges from the top it can chase the player down to the bottom–but it's easy for the player to blast a path back to the top. Shelves, or ledges, line the walls, wide enough for Reuben to perch on them but not to run around and dodge; they are also too small, and too far apart vertically, to provide any cover from above. Maybe a little from below. Down Below echoes with the sounds of pumps and circulating fluids.

The Titan here has weapons oriented on top and on the bottom, none to the sides, and doesn't shoot anything with homing properties. It lets the drones do the sweeping while it waits for a chance to hit Reuben directly.


Reuben: Suit?
Suit: Yes, Reuben.
Reuben: Hey, call me Boss.
Suit: Yes, Boss.

Titan Spawns

Suit: Boss. Titan has appeared. Boss.
Reuben: Drop the "Boss." F<bleep>ing smart-aleck computer.


Reuben: That wasn't so bad, was it?
Reuben: I said, THAT wasn't so bad, was it?
Suit: Who are you talking to?



(Did he say rooves?) The top of the Greatrium Mall. A round area, the glassed-in roof of the actual circular Atrium, is surrounded by raised sections, like long low buildings radiating away from the circle like the rays of a sunburst. The ceiling of this Arena is low, made of 10-meter-thick smoked glassteel, and above it is an ARTIFICIAL SUN. Vaguely visible through the barrier are dark objects orbiting the fake sun, but that won't be relevant until the Player goes to the next Arena. Meanwhile, down here, the Titan is low and flattened, following a path that takes it over each raised roof "spoke." Powerups are at the tips of the "spokes," and Drones generate in the middle, including dangerous swarms of Spitfires. At the exact center of the map, in the center of the atrium roof, is a raised circular platform- the special access hatch of the central elevator inside the structure below–but the Player cannot get into it. (Though if we add "exit spaces" that would be a good one). The drones all spawn around this hatch, not on top of it, so the Player can stand on top of it and have drones rising from all directions while the distant Titan shoots missile after missile. Good times.

We interrupt this program with the arts

Here's some of Jon's early hero art for Reuben Matsumoto, the game's protagonist:

reuben sketch 1rueben sketch 2

Here are mockups of the game world map…

arcology ss3

…and the end-of-round screen…

GUI ss group 

…and a new HUD concept!

hud ss 1  

And with that, we leave you longing for next week's show. Bye for now!

Let’s do the Drunken Robot!

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This week the DRP team has been busy working on a ton of new content. This blog post will show you some of Jon's art and some of Ryan's new levels which Elliot and Ichiro are using to develop the gameplay. Here's everyone at our offices in Cambridge MA. You can expect the new content to get to you in the next week or so…

Ryan – AKA the man who worked with us on Aaaaa!, Awesome, and the earliest version of DRP:

IMG_0147[1] IMG_0148[1]


IMG_0145[1] IMG_0146[1]   

Ichiro and Elliot:

IMG_0143[1] IMG_0144[1]


Let's start with some new art from Jonathan:

These are skybokes; they make up the background of the levels and set the mood. Jon is still developing these. The buildings and structures that you see are actually baked into the background so that we can get some depth without any computational cost.

skybox sunset skybox blue sky 

Here are some level "skeletons" from Ryan:

The idea with a level skeleton is for one level designer to build an initial level, and then bounce this back and forth with the other level designer(s) while gradually add layers…blood, veins, arteries, meat, skin, and hair till it is one sexy beast of a level. Ryan makes really sexy skeletons!

CascadingTree ClockworkWIP CoreTower RecyclingCenter

Next up, Ichiro and Ryan will iterate on levels and get some into a new Early Access build. You will also start to see more of a narrative unfold.


Let’s build some Titans in Drunken Robot Pornography

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What is a Titan, anyway?

Titans are giant robots determined to destroy the city of Boston. They must be stopped! (Or built. Pick one.) Here are examples of some Titans that players have built in Steam Workshop:

titans_untitled (1)

titans_untitled (2)


Let's build a Titan

You can use this blog post as a recipe and use this Youtube playlist to see the actual techniques in action.


  • Cores – These form the base of your Titan. Destroy this, and you'll destroy the whole Titan.

  • Arms & Extensions – 18 pieces that make up your Titan's general structure.

  • Wings & Terminators – 12 pieces that help you build organic looking robots (dragons, etc.).

  • Plates – 4 pieces you can place on your Titan's exterior, to help protect it.

  • Decorations – Mechanical tidbits (because Titans like to feel sexy too).

  • Jaunty Attire – Non-canon items such as tophats and monacles (beacuse Titans occasionally like to dress up).

  • Weapons – 10 guns, including lasers, missile launchers, and pattern emitters.

  • Huge – Sometimes, you want these especially-massive structures.

Left to right, top to bottom:


arms and extensions

Wings and Terminators



Jaunty Attire


Huge Pieces


Step 1: Print Keyboard shortcuts

These are not essential, but may save you some mouse clicks and your Carpal Tunnel (don't ever say we don't care about you). Note, we do plan to update the UI before launch.

Step 2: Building a Titan base

Loosely, a Titan consists of a core surrounded by structural pieces, weapons, and decorations. To completely eliminate a Titan, you have to destroy its core, but you first have to pick off its extremities to get there. When you're designing one, your goal is to make that as challenging (and as fun!) as possible. First, pick a core (shown above) based on your vision for the Titan. Experiment away, and check out the Steam Workshop for inspiration based on what other people are doing.

Step 3: Add to the base

Select a mount point on the core and hit "A" to see available pieces (you can also click on the button at the top of the "Mounts" tab, but keyboard shortcuts are faster). Set a piece's health (you'll see the option when you select a piece and click on the "Pieces" button — protip: you can shift-select multiple pieces). A Titan's extremities will be easier to destroy than the inner ones — that is, until you destroy the extremities.

Hear Amy and Elliot describe how this works:

Step 4: Arming your Titan

Weapons are part of the piece they're attached to (the "parent" piece), and can’t be destroyed individually, though they do contribute to how difficult it is to destroy the parent.

If you're using weapon and shield banks (see below), we generally advise that you have the Titan stop firing while shields are up. From a gameplay standpoint, shields work best when an arena is built around their presence — if a Titan's shielded for 10 seconds, make sure there are things strewn about for the player to collect during that period. More on this in the videos on Arena building.

Watch Elliot talk about weapons:

Step 5: Giving Your Titan Personality

  • When making complex, sexy, Titans, use multiple pieces (and types of pieces). More pieces = more explosions!

  • Think outside the pieces: just because it's called "shoulder" doesn't mean it has to be a shoulder, nor does a "leg" only work as a leg – English is soooo one-dimensional.

  • Some of the smallest pieces are the most versatile — spine, X-fork, joint, etc.

  • Use reference images (Google image search FTW) for inspiration.

  • Use shapes to convey personality: for instance, edgy, spiky things look menacing.

  • Colors: You can color your entire Titan or individual pieces. Experiment with reflectivity and glow.

  • Jaunty Attire — because why not!

Step 6: Animate that Titan

Give your Titan some extra life through movement. Check out this video:

That's it for today. If you've built a Titan, show it off by posting it in the Steam Workshop!

New Art, Live-streaming, Building Titans and Arenas

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Another busy week of Drunken Robot Pornography means that we are a week closer to launch! In this blog post, we talk about some new art that Amy and Jon have been working on, but first, let's recap our latest Twitch stream:


#1 DO THIS NOW: Go check out our Twitch channel and follow us to catch next week's stream live. It happens on Tuesdays at 2pm EDT/ GMT -4, and all episodes get recorded.

#2 This week's highlight videos are made from the live stream. They are a nice way to see what's most interesting to you. Evetually they will end up on Youtube:

  • Survival mode — watch Jon play some. Think you can kick his butt? Prove it with your own videos!
  • Bulding Titans parts 2a and 2b with Amy on keyboards and mouse. We show some player-generated Titans and talk about the fine art of working with color and animation.
  • Building arenas part 1 is about building arenas…yup. The Arena builder is where you can design the physical level, place drone spawners, and also place multiple Titans for a crazy futuristic Collosseum experience. Do you hate your friends? Show them how much!
  • Concept art parts 1 and 2 are discussed below so read on…


Two weeks ago, we showed you a bunch of new art, including Titans, arcology maps, and some UI work from Jon. This week, Jon joined us on Twitch and talked about all the art below. You can watch the highlight videos in part 1 and part 2.

First up, check out these gorgeous backgrounds (AKA skyboxes) that Jon has been working on. They remind me of blazing hot summer days growing up in Dubai, where the sun was so hot you could literally fry an egg.



sky traffic


sky pollution

Many of today's sports arenas have roofs to keep out rain, or nets to keep errant balls from landing in the seats; here we see a compoent that we could use as a giant net or dome:

ricochet plate

Here are some mock-ups of the HUD. I particularly like the 3rd image below, which shows the broken visor, probably from an errant bullet – yikes!

hud 4


hud 3


hud 2 

Jon is also working on some really crazy guns – check out these concepts and watch him talk about them in the stream above.

drp guns

Amy has been pretty busy working on "Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby," but here are some buldings that she textured for use in building DRP levels:


See you next week!

— Rohit AKA "Leo Jaitley"

Port Wine, Live-Streaming, Drunken Robots and Ugly Babies

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This week's blog post is brought to you by the letter T and the number 2! It has been a fun week for all of us over at Dejobaan. Ichiro is in Portugal taking a much deserved vacation. We are laying on the beach did our second live-stream on Twitch (more on that below) and we continued working hard on Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby, Drunken Robot Pornography and Monster Loves You. Did I mention that we are working HAAAAAAAARRRRDDD! But first Ichiro drinking port, because everyone should drink port!


TWITCH.TV — How to build a really fun Titan.

#1 Do this: Go check out our Twitch channel and follow us to catch next weeks stream live. It happens on Tuesdays at 2pm EDT/ GMT -4, and all episodes get recorded.

#2 We did our second Twitch live stream and focussed on Drunken Robot Pornography. The stream kicked off a multi-week series on building Titans and levels, and also featured a play-through of survival mode. We wanted to dive into the fine art of making Titans that are both pretty AND fun so here are a few pro tips from Amy: 

  • Health: No matter how pretty your Titan is, it's important to set the health on each piece to make it fun to fight. You don't want your titan to fall apart at the slightest breeze, but you also don't want an indestructible fortress.
  • Weapons: Weapons don't have individual health, so they can't be destroyed individually. Instead, they add to the health of the piece they're attached to.
  • Shields: Be careful with shields, they can make the fight feel uneven or boring. You should probably stop the weapons from shooting when shields are on for fairness. Shields work best when the arena is build around the Titan having them. Give the player something else to do while the Titan is shielded (drones, powerups, another Titan)
  • Personality: Don't use one piece when you can use three! more pieces = more explosions. Don't forget movement, this is a Titan not a statue! Use color and jaunty attire, because even Titans have a sense of style!

Check out the video below where Amy and Elliot explain these concepts in detail: 


twitch titan


Let's close out with some survival mode! We also did some of this in the Twitch stream so yeah, don't forget to sign up!



Drunken Robot Pornography Art Update!

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As some of you know, we have two really awesome artists; Amy who specializes in the 3D Modeling variety and Jonathan who illustrates digitally…with pixels… I figured we would loook at what they have been upto so here goes!!

Huge Titan Pieces

The robots in DRP are called Titans, not drones which to me says they must be MASSIVE! Here are Amy's latest huge Titan pieces. If you build Titans in the Giant Robot Construction Kit, you might get to use these soon! 

huge titan pieces

The Gun:

Amy has been playing with the textures for the gun. Here are a few that we looked at:


We almost settled on this one…what do you think?

4_15_playergun (1)


And then Amy did these…


The first person who can correctly guess the largest number of people (Names and position the the grid) and email rshenoy[at]dejobaan[dot]com will get a copy of Monster Loves You :-). "Competition ends sometime tomorrow when I have enough responses"

The Arcology and GUI concepts:

Future Boston won't be able to use run-of-the-mill Google Maps so to help you find your way around the game we will have an arcology. Here are some early versions that Jon has developed. Which one do you prefer?

arcology 2 arcology 1

Also at some point you might die, yup…it happens to all of us! At that point you might see this:

gui loss

I personally love Jon's GUI work but what do you think:

gui set


And finally… some utterly ridiculous Titans 🙂 and I mean that in a good way!