Dejobaan’s Ugly Baby in the Pipe!

// September 30th, 2011 // Dejobaan News, Ugly Baby

We have a ton of news coming at you this week, so take a deep breath and get ready to mentally digest as much Dejobaan as you can handle! First off, we want to let you know we are working with local (mad) scientists at Owlchemy Labs (who made the news with their banned-in-200 countries Smuggle Truck game) for the “semi-sequel” to Aaaaa!.

The newly designed levels will toss in a few new gameplay mechanics (bear hugs, anyone?) and contain colorfully crazy references to other indie friends (presently, there are almost two dozen other games and studios that will make cameo appearances in billboards and signage). The new game will also have DLC up the wazoo! The summer-released $1.99 Brutal Concussion DLC for the first Aaaaa! was a tough-as-nails experiment in such. “We won’t try to kill people this time,” assured Ichiro. Players can instead expect tons of speed and awesomeness.

 Click on the photo if you are brave enough for Brutal Concussion

On what a “semi-sequel” is, Ichiro explained, “There was room for improvements and new content such as faster-paced levels (where you’re barreling down along buildings at twice normal speed), and new game mechanics, but it’s not a completely different thing.” Possibly the best part of this upcoming title is that it’ll be for more than just PC. Other platforms will be announced sooooooooooon!

The Aaaaa! follow-up is not the only game getting attention from Team Dejobaan. Ugly Baby has occupied many days nights of the whole team. The summer contract positions recently wrapped up, with Amy sketching illustrations, Elliot creating a utility called DING to help create models, and Robert creating enemy and stage patterns.

Ichiro has been taking all that content to create meatier Ugly Baby levels, coding in interesting enemies and their attack formations.

 Enemy patterns, motions, and trails are procedurally generated

The team has also been researching classic arcade games like Space Harrier — these titles tend to throw new stuff at players every few seconds. First, a wave of enemies, then another, and another — then a mini-boss, a few more waves, and a huge end-level boss. This all happens quickly at under 2 minutes, and Ichiro would like Ugly Baby to have a similar feel.

The team wants to test out the new enemy paradigm on fans, once it’s ready. They tested a recent build out on indie neighbors Fire Hose Games, and Ichiro realized the game needed to be spiced up — one of procedural content generation’s dangers is repetitive content.

In an effort to heat up the action in other areas, Dejobaan asked fans on Facebook about adding death and difficulty. From the discussion, it seems Ichiro is considering toying with hardcore and casual modes. Where casual mode allows players to live out their crash-test dummy dreams, hardcore mode may have something like a “3 strikes and you’re dead” scenario.

And in our latest contest, we’ve given fans more than 3 strikes to create Fake Ads for our AAAAA!!! follow-up. In fact, you can create as many as you can think of. Get busy with those designs, though, as the deadline is tomorrow 9/30 at the stroke of midnight!

More news as it comes, including the winners of the contest.