Dejobaan and Radial Games Impregnate You with a Monster

// May 18th, 2012 // Dejobaan News, Monster Loves You!

We are working with Steambirds-creator, Flash dev extraordinaire Andy Moore of Radial Games on Monster Loves You!, that’s part Tamagotchi, part RPG, and 100% awesome game for mobile.

We interviewed Andy for his perspective on Monster Loves You!’s development. He describes it as “Not one that’s cheap and full of those little draws that get you to come back just because they said so. No, no! This game is better than that. We want to make a version of the game that moreso relies on content to draw the player back than anything. I think it’ll be a blast.”

But just how did Radial and we begin courting? Andy recalls, “I think we both awkwardly just kinda looked at our toes at the high school dance and neither of us wanted to ask each other out. But one day we got drunk and just blubbered over each other, and next thing I knew I was pregnant with this game!”

What’s with the name Monster Loves You!? The name was actually “Alien Baby” for the longest time. Andy shares, “We finally got sick of it and started an email thread, bouncing random ideas off of each other. As soon as someone said ‘Love’ I think it struck a chord; we knew we wanted the game to have the kind of attachment that makes the player more attached to the creature. We kinda riffed off of that for a bit and ended up with ‘Monster Loves You!’. I think it’s a Dejobaan-y style game name.”

As for why this game is “being,” Andy says it will offer something that currently doesn’t exist. “I think the closest I’ve really come to playing an enjoyable ‘pet’ game is The Sims 2, which was an excellent title but just demands WAY too much of my time. I want a similar experience – something with all that drama, character development, and ups and downs… but that I can play on the toilet.”

We asked Andy what the world should know about him, and he was extremely modest. “Aw shucks. I don’t think the world really needs to know about me, in general. I’m just a dude that’s trying to make a good game that people will enjoy. I don’t particularly care if I end up living out of cardboard box if the game flops, but I’m trying to avoid that too.”

This monster… loves you.