Will the Winners of the Titan Building Contest Please Stand up?

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Not one but two fans walk away with the Steam-enabled Dejobaan Complete Pack for wowing our (admittedly biased) judges with exceptional creations of titanic proportions. We also chose three creations which grant the designers whatever Dejobaan game they want the most.

We asked fans to build a damned Titan, using a lovely editor developer Elliot Borenstein had constructed. Dozens of fans heeded the call and submitted titans we’d never imagine in our wildest dreams or nightmares (in a good way). In the end, Elliot chose Tyler Coleman of Retro Game Studios for his unnamed Titan. Elliot said of all the Titans, Tyler’s was the one he’d want to fight the most:

One of Elliot’s honorable mentions was John Polson’s favorite of the bunch and second winner of the Dejobaan Complete Pack: Andrew Rudge’s Scorpion.  John concedes that he’s played and watched a little too much sci-fi. Thusly, Andrew is celebrated for having touched on one of John’s soft spots.

Elliot’s other honorable mentions give us the excuse to share a few more great designs! Each designer also gets one Dejobaan game of his or her choosing! Check ‘em out! Ms Kitty Fantastico from Adam Howell:

Elliot particularly appreciated this accompanying text:

“Please be gentle. She’ll bite if:
  • You touch her back paws.
  • You touch her belly.
  • You pick her up and hold her for too long.
  • You sing Soft Kitty in her presence.
  • You disparage Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stanz, Dr. Egon Spengler, or Winston Zeddmore.”
Next up, we honor Richard and his 10 titans! Wow. From Elliot, “Several of his are interesting. I lean towards [the below] number ‘D’ (possibly because it makes me think of Deep Space 9).”

Here are some more of Richard’s that caught our eyes:

Lastly, we introduce the world to Juan Del Rio’s Mini Titan Hugs. This one is pretty damn cute and is a great way to end the blog post. Thanks for everyone who submitted! We send you all titanic hugs!

Build a Titan. Win a Prize.

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Titan orgies sound fitting for our first person, jetpack boosting, heavy bullet firing Drunken Robot Pornography prototype, and we’re eager to see what folks can come up with!

Contest Time!

A Video

First, check out what Elliot does in this titan builder tutorial:

Da Rules

Step 1: Go to the Titan builder page (it may prompt to install a Unity plug-in).
Step 2: Make a Titan.
Step 3: Submit screenshots of your titan to stuff@dejobaan.com by March 2, 2012. Photos from more than one angle will help us judge.  If you submit more than one Titan creation, please label your photos appropriately.

We’ll subjectively pick the best looking Titan,  based on the tingling sensations felt in our nether regions, and give its creator Steam codes for the Dejobaan Complete Pack.  Three runner-ups will each get one Dejobaan game of his or her choosing.

Legal fine print to make our lawyers happy because we’re running a contest: All submissions become property of Dejobaan Games, LLC, and may be used in any fashion, including (but not limited to) printing microscopically on rice vermicelli for use in pho or other Vietnamese cuisine. Take that, law!

‘Create a Competition’ Competition Results

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We received almost 30 entries for our latest ‘Create a Competition’ competition, where we asked our fans to come up with fun rules that involved Aaaaa! and Awesome. Lots were tough to execute and almost all of them involved video of some sort, so we decided to toss practicality to the wind.

It was hard to pick just three, so let’s first highlight a couple honorable mentions. We wanted to thank Jono00 and Yuval for sending in the ideas of doing the most spins or 360s around objects in the game. It would have been equal parts fun and nauseating trying to watch all those videos; I’m not sure my stomach would have been up to it, but I’m always game for a challenge.

Also, I wanted to thank Hetsu for the following video, which explains by example a worthy contender: Rhythm Aaaaa!

Now onto the winners:

James “zorfex” S. captured our hearts with a photo competition for the best rig to play Aaaaaa! We join him in wanting to see if people play it on a huge screen to fill their peripheral vision, in 3D, with a desk fan pointed at their face, or suspended over a large TV Mission Impossible style.

Steam user ilovesponges gave us this electrifying idea: hit as many powerlines as possible. The video results of this would surely be shocking (failed pun). There were some ideas about running into buildings and drop-kicking birds, which was great, but ilovesponges’s idea won out.

Lastly, we like people with strong lung capacity, so Valzi wins the last spot with recording the best scream (an “Aaaaa”) that lasts throughout the entire level!

These three winners have been given their choice of some fine Steam indie games. These were very tough to call! We’d like to thank everyone for playing and our friendly devs for donating their titles!

Win More Indie Games with the “Create a Competition” Competition

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Dejobaan’s fourth competition to win indie games just by fooling around with Aaaaa! and Awesome continues: this time, we’re rewarding three fans their choice of two of the above indie titles for constructing fun and implementable competitions involving the Aaaaa! series.

The truth is, people enjoy playing Aaaaa! and Awesome in a myriad of ways: scoring tons of points, enamel, or knee caps, spray painting or interacting with the base-jumping on-lookers, playing in stereoscopic 3D… upside down. We’ve made competitions based around score plates, hugging, and kissing… but now we want to do something MORE!

The RULES: Give us your funnest, most challenging, most “something” but still practical competition idea which involves playing Aaaaa! or Awesome. The results need to be easily captured by photo, video, or audio. For example, our previous competition was to award the people with the hitting score plates. The results were captured by an end-of-stage photo.

Each winner chooses two games out of these hits:

Noumenon Games‘ Nimbus:

Arcen Games‘ Tidalis:

Gaijin Games‘ Bit.Trip Runner:

Power of Two Games‘ Dwarfs!?

The Submission Process and Deadline: Due to the nature of this competition,  entries will only be valid via Private Message on Steam or via email at stuff@dejobaan.com. Entries are due January 19, 2012 11:59PM EST.

The Legal Stuff: Dejobaan reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. In the event that a particular prize is not available, Dejobaan may replace it with a prize of equal or greater value at its discretion. Each entrant may win a maximum of one prize. Plombium not required.

Indie Compo #3: Smashing Good Time!

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The third in our continuing series of Aaaaaa!- and Awesome-playing competitions is ready to be revealed! This time around you’ll be trying for the highest plates hit bonus in any level on Awesome or Aaaaa! The prize games offer up a healthy selection of platforming, puzzles, and strategy gameplay.

Over the Top Games’ Nyxquest:

Cipher Prime’s Fractal:

Arcen Games’ AI War: Fleet Command:

How Do I get ‘Em!?

Step 1:

Play Aaaaa! or Awesome.

Step 2:

Post a screenshot of your score to this Steam Thread by 11:59pm EST on December 29th.


  • Prize #1: All 3 of those games for the highest plates hit bonus on ANY level
  • Prize #2: 2 of those (your choice) for the 2nd highest plates hit bonus on ANY level
  • Prize #3: 1 of those (your choice) for the 3rd highest plates hit bonus ANY level
  • Bonus Prize: One game of our choosing to a random entrant, because we think lotteries are fun!

Fine Print

Dejobaan reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. In the event that a particular prize is not available, Dejobaan may replace it with a prize of equal or greater value at its discretion. Each entrant may win a maximum of one prize. Plombium not required.

Indie Compo #2: Get the Most Kisses

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Due to the success and fun of our last indie games competition, we are rolling out more prizes for another Aaaaa! and Awesome competition. Instead of being a race against the clock, this is an on-going challenge for the highest kisses. Details follow the description of this week’s awesome game prizes!

The Prizes

Vlambeer‘s RPG Serious Sam Random Encounter:

Smestorp‘s abstract strategy game Vertex Dispenser:

Cryptic Sea‘s action platformer Gish:

How Do I get ‘Em!?

Step 1:

Play Aaaaa! or Awesome.

Step 2:

Post a screenshot of your score to this Steam Thread by 11:59pm EST on December 20th.


  • Prize #1: All 3 of those games for the highest kisses on ANY level
  • Prize #2: 2 of those (your choice) for the 2nd highest kisses on ANY level
  • Prize #3: 1 of those (your choice) for the 3rd highest kisses on ANY level
  • Bonus Prize: One game of our choosing to a random entrant, because we think lotteries are fun!

Fine Print

Dejobaan reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. In the event that a particular prize is not available, Dejobaan may replace it with a prize of equal or greater value at its discretion. Each entrant may win a maximum of one prize. Plombium not required.

Indie Games Competition #1: Structures Kissed, Winners Announced

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A round of congratulations goes out to our three winners for the first Aaaaa!/Awesome competition: reberk, Zaph, iamevn. Since this competition was quickly conquered by these skillful base-jumpers, we also gave a random entrant that fulfilled the requirements a copy of Data Jammers from our good friend Digital Eel. Congrats, SAXsamus! All winners have been contacted via Steam by yours truly, JohnDejobaan.

What did they win? Some awesome games from some very giving devs!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled to our Twitter, Facebook, and blog feed for the next competition, which we promise to be more challenging and will feature another batch of awesome indie games!

Ugly Baby Rears its Head, Indie Games Competition #1 Reminder

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been revisiting some of the seedlings from which Ugly Baby has and hasn’t sprouted. We wanted to share the metaphorical test tubes we have experimented with but have never talked about before. In doing so, we welcome any and all feedback or thoughts this discussion inspires. Take gene splicing, for example:

Above, we have some twirling spiral and DNA photos. We were trying to experiment with transitions. Our thoughts were to try to avoid potentially “boring” procedurally generated levels, to break up the same procedurally generated content with transitional objects. In hindsight, the rainbow colored DNA to the black and white spiral might have been a bit of a stark contrast…

And here we have Martin from Questionable Content. We had an intern taking images for fun from web comics and creating levels out of them. The levels would form from individual pixels from an image. We’d raise certain shapes to add some “volume” to the level and to give players objects to hug and kiss, much like they would a real life Martin.

And lastly we have an experiment an intern did within Unity. The parameters control the generation of the patterns in real-time. The “camera controls”  option dictates how quickly the pattern weaves. This experiment taught us that at least some things in Ugly Baby could be done in Unity, the engine that handled our semi-sequel Aaaaa! for the Awesome.

P.S. While more photos will follow next week, our first indie game competition is going great! We’re still giving away at least one game to a random Aaaaa! hugger if you follow the criteria in this forum.

Play Aaaaa!, Get Our Friends’ Games Free!

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That’s right! We at Dejobaan are holding four competitions for our games starting today. We’ve got some great indie game Steam keys as prizes, so join in. Here’s the first one:

Play: Play any level in either AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! a Reckless Disregard for Gravity or AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome.

Post: Post a screenshot of yourself having successfully landed in a red, 8000-point ring with 299 hugs (or as close you can!) to the Steam forums here before the deadline of Tuesday, December 13 11:59PM EST.

The Prizes

The first three people to post screenshots with their stage totals matching these requirements will win first, second, and third prizes respectively:

First Prize: Free Steam copies of Serious Sam Double D, Data Jammers, and Aztaka!

Second Prize: Free Steam copies of your choice of two of these games.

Third Prize: A free Steam copy of your choice of one of these games.

In the event that no one gets 299 hugs in a stage by the deadline, prizes will be awarded to the first three people with the closest amount of hugs.

The Games

Mommy’s Best Games‘ Serious Sam Double D:

Digital Eel‘s Data Jammers

Citeremis‘ Aztaka:

Special Prizes

Not into giving or getting hugs? We’re also awarding 5 keys to users who send us their most entertaining YouTube videos of Aaaaa! or Awesome:

  1. Post a great YouTube video of yourself playing Aaaaa! or Awesome.
  2. E-mail jpolson@dejobaan.com with a link before the above deadline.

We’ll pick 5 of the best. These codes were provided by John’s great pals at Power of Two Games for their dig-em-up strategy game Dwarfs!?

These are some amazing, awesome games, and we thank our indie friends for generously donating them!

Fine Print

Dejobaan reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason. In the event that a particular prize is not available, Dejobaan may replace it with a prize of equal or greater value at its discretion. Plombium not required.

Contest Level Names Chosen; Awesomely Unkept Secret(s) Revealed

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After reading over 500(!!!) level names for the semi-sequel’s latest contest and using only our collective third eye, we have chosen the titles for the five stages. Before we jump into the winners, we wanted to give a nod to some honorable mentions.  While they don’t win anything, they do get a few moments of fame and adoration!

Honorable Mentions

  • The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Just A Reflective Roof
  • In Space No-One Can Hear Your Bones Shatter
  • Colombian Nosecandy Freefall
  • The only thing you can see is the number of ways this can go terribly wrong.
  • The Movie: The Game
  •  I Find Your Commitment To Our Shared Reality Rather Wanting
  • A Reckless Regard for HDR
  • Suck the Improbable Freshmint of Life
  • In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream
  • The Boy With A Piano-Shaped Head
  • Camouflage Is Great Unless You’re Trying Not To Hit It
  • Utopian Dystopia Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


Dang! This was rough. Let’s pair our winners up with photos. Some of them bear almost no relation to what is on screen — for those Aaaaa! veterans, this should come as no surprise.

And the Winners Are…

Intimidation is the Sincerest Form of Gravity
Gravity Is Still A Thing On The Surface Of The Sun
As God As My Witness I Thought Turkeys Could Fly
Ireland was Made up by the Government to Discourage Time Travel
I Missed the Pod Bay Doors

We sincerely want to thank all of our awesome fans for their entries! Every winning entry earns its creator a key for the semi-sequel, whose name has been officially revealed as “AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome” around the Interwebs. It’s a long title. See why we’ve been typing “semi-sequel”?

We are also tipping everyone off to something exciting coming this week. Since we posted our last beta test call on Facebook, this week we will be sending a message with a “secret password” exclusively through Twitter for new beta testers. To be considerate of folks from different time zones, we will open up the beta requests for 24 hours and pick at random, mixing the new and old requests together.

Bottom line, if you didn’t email us before, the only way to get on the beta list will be through nabbing the secret password from our Twitter. We look forward to tweeting you the details shortly.